Vocal Impact is a quartet that sings in the barbershop style from Binghamton, New York and is a proud member of the Seneca Land District of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Together since 2015, the quartet is very active in the Binghamton area singing on chapter shows, local plays (2017 Music Man), Singing Valentines, and a number of senior facilities.


       Members include Tenor Tom Depue, Lead Gil Durham   Baritone Tom Jones, and Bass Dale Ball.  Tenor Tom DePue is a 2nd generation Barbershopper with a father who has been singing for 56 years, and whose son Tommy is also a member.  Tom is a VP for Fahs Construction and lives at home with his wife and #1 quartet fan Diane.  Lead Gil Durham has been singing Barbershop since the early 90’s, and sang with several chapter quartets .  Gil retired from teaching chemistry after 35 years. Baritone Tom Jones is a 37 year Barbershopper and has sung in quartets in 3 chapters. Tom is retired from Agway, and lives at home with his wife Patsy and Daisy Dog.  Dale Ball is the new guy, and has been singing with our chorus for 7 years, but he has immersed himself in Barbershop and is having the time of his life!  Dale works as an accountant for SUNY-Broome and lives in Chenango Bridge with his wife Janice.  It might be important to note that between the 4 of them they have over 13 Grandchildren!!!  Guess we know what they’re doing when they are not singing! For those of you that thought the wrong thing, that would be babysitting.

      They are available to sing for anyone and everyone, and still believe that singing is the most fun you can have standing up.